Soft Money

The Second Book in the Filomena Buscarsela Series
Forthcoming from PM Press 2013


PLOT: When a friendly convenience store owner is murdered and the police have no suspects, ex-NYPD cop and single mother Filomena Buscarsela begins an investigation that pries into the transplanted voodoo culture of the Dominican underworld of upper Manhattan and the Bronx. Filomena must also confront the murky business dealings of the non-profit environmental organization where she works when she discovers that an old nemesis, a cunning and vicious industrial polluter, is on the board of directors. And she has to raise her daughter, too. Gritty and real, with parts that will make you laugh out loud.

MY COMMENTS: Filomena’s experiences always reflect my own, revised and augmented for fictional purposes, of course. This novel features my take on the many evils and degradations of that staple of the modern American economy, pointless and alienating office work. Secretaries unite!

EXCERPT: From the first chapter of SOFT MONEY



Listed as one of “The 5 Best Mysteries of the Year” in Library Journal.

“The series heroine is a sharp, feisty single mother breaking new ground.”
The New York Times

“Wishnia’s world is like a New York subway train–fast, loud, dirty and dangerous–but it’s well worth the ride with Filomena Buscarsela in the driver’s seat. A hard- edged story gracefully told.” Booklist

“Nonstop activity, wry humor, mordant characterizations, and a solid dollop of police procedure make this a hugely appealing follow-up to 23 SHADES OF BLACK.” Library Journal

“Filomena’s scorched-earth tactics are as effective as her wisecracks. And what wisecracks! A blistering hard-cover debut.” Kirkus (starred review)

“Great fun… Fil is a hyperbolic character, spewing enough ascerbic opinions to fill half a dozen average mysteries… A spirited sequel.”  Publishers Weekly

“Sharp and sexy, with a perfect ear for female urban angst… Hilarious and exciting.”
Chicago Tribune

“A distinctive voice from the barrio and an innovative addition to the detective canon… Great action scenes, characters unlike any you’ve ever met before and some of the finest writing out there… One hell of a story.”  New Orleans Times-Picayune

“Filomena will stick with you as you turn back and look forward to pages of colorful prose that leave you tingling with the joy of knowing her.” Baltimore Sun

“If someone happens to ask you where the really important, groundbreaking new work in the mystery field is being done, point them toward this wonderfully rich novel by [Kenneth] Wishnia. The novel manages to be exciting and funny, as well as convincingly multicultural, pro-environmentalist, and strongly feminist.”  Dick Adler, reviewer for the Chicago Tribune

“Sizzling… memorable characters, genuine surprises, and fine writing.”  BookPage

“A well-plotted tale that moves at a fast and furious pace.”  Baton Rouge Sunday Advocate

“A superb hard-nosed urban mystery that will bring [Kenneth] Wishnia many new fans. The story line is crisp, the neighborhood comes alive with excitement and danger. Filomena can be as tough as they come while alternately being totally gentle with her infant.”  I Love A Mystery

“A gripping nail-biter of a mystery novel written in the terse, barking prose style of Raymond Chandler… Riveting characters.”  Brown Alumni Magazine

23 SHADES OF BLACK took the mystery world by storm. SOFT MONEY keeps the winds in full swirl.”  Tribune (Ames, IA)

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