Suspense Magazine, December 2015


The Italian translation of The Fifth Servant (in Italian: Il Quinto Servitore), has won a Premio Letterario ADEI-WIZO — the Associazione Donne Ebree d’Italia (Italian Jewish Women’s Assoc.) the Italian branch of the Women’s International Zionist Organization.

llustration for
“Between Minkhe and Mayrev”
by Leah V. Wishnia

The Sequel: Stories in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine

Back when I was still buried under the various drafts of what I took to calling “The-Endless-Novel-From-Hell,” one of the people who helped me stay focused on the task of finishing the book was Linda Landrigan, editor of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine (AHMM). Linda, whose job includes sifting through enormous piles of manuscripts, actually agreed to read an early draft of The Fifth Servant out of professional interest, but also as a personal favor. In return, I promised to deliver her a story featuring some of the characters from the novel.

Although the novel ends exactly where I want it to end, there was so much left to tell that I ended up writing more stories: “Burning Twilight,” “Between Minkhe and Mayrev,” and “Cups and Variets,” which are available in the March/April 2010 issues and the June 2012 issue of AHMM, respectively. They are in fact sequels, taking place about a month after the action of the novel, and one of them (“Burning “Twilight) has been been reprinted as “bonus materials” in the trade paperback edition of The Fifth Servant.

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